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Nicolas Riquet’s bio

Hi and welcome to my bio page!

I am a Belgian Technology Manager and Researcher in Computer Science.

My main skills are technical teams management, technology strategy, R&D, software engineering, DevOps, information systems architecture, recruitment & sourcing, acquisition & vendor management.

I have had the opportunity to work in various companies and government agencies over the last 17 years and I have experiennce in the aerospace, employment, and pharmaceutics industries.

I am also a Computer Science researcher and PhD student at UNamur Computer Science Faculty and Namur Digital Institute since 2021.

More detail below.


MSc in Computer Science (5-year programme) – UNamur, 2000-2005

Master’s thesis: “Modelling e-business: an approach based on combining UMM and UEML (link).

PhD in Computer Science – UNamur, 2021-Today

More details in the “Research” section below.

Experience in the industry (2005-Today)

After getting my Master’s degree in 2005 I joined Eli Lilly and Company as a System Analyst (Software Engineering) where I took part in the development of a molecule analysis web service and in the development of a lab asset management application.

In 2006, I got hired by Rhea Systems as a Software Engineer where I worked on various applications for managing and simulating the execution of spacecraft flight procedures. I also developed spacecraft telemetry data analysis software, as well as an interpreter and integrated development environment for an industry-specific scripting language called PLUTO. This job gave me the opportunity of working on European Space Missions such as Galileo (global navigation satellite system), Herschel-Planck (space observatories), and ATV (expendable cargo spacecraft).

In 2011, I joined Forem, Public Service for Employment and Vocational Training in Wallonia, Belgium, as a Technical Architect.

In 2018, I was promoted to IT Architecture Team Manager at Forem.

In 2020, I became Head of Software Engineering Productivity at Forem. This is a N+2 position where I lead 20+ software engineers, DevOps engineers, integration experts, secure SDLC experts and UX experts.

In 2022, I got a raise while remaining on my current position.

Technical background

During my carreer, either as a software engineer or as a manager, I have had the opportunity to put in place many architectural patterns, development platforms and technical solutions such as Service Oriented Architecture, microservices, event-driven architecture, Azure DevOps, Git, Application Insights, SonarQube, OWASP Dependency Checker, Docker, Azure Container Apps, AngularJS, Web Components, Azure API Gateway, Azure Service Bus, Azure API Management, Azure Redis Cache, Azure Blob Storage, ADFS, Xamarin, OpenID Connect.

Programming languages: C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, C/C++, Kotlin, Go. Other languages: SQL, HTML, LaTeX.

Training courses taken

I took the following training courses: Management & Leadership, Leadership & Emotional Intelligence, Being a Technology Manager, DevOps Tools & Practices, Secure DevOps, Secure Software Lifecycle, Data Science Literacy, Machine Learning Literacy, Xamarin, Project Management for Software Engineers, Scrum Master Fundamentals, Scrum Product Owner Fundamentals, BPMN.


I conduct research in Computer Science. My main research topics are empirical software engineering, socio-technical debt, DevOps.

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